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Welcome to our New Website!

Welcome to our updated Mary Meyer School website and our new blog! Our blog is a destination and resource for parents anywhere to learn about preschool age children and older.

What is shared here will educational; it will be fun—and filled with photos! We will share what our schoolhouse looks like and share what happens inside.

Our mission at Mary Meyer School is to educate children through purposeful play. It has always been our belief that this is how children learn best. Our school supports a creative environment that encourages children to take risks and to explore the world around them. This has been our goal for more than 70 years!

Last week, the close of our 71st year, was our final week of the 2014-2015 school year. Our theme for the past year was intention and purpose. I sat down with our staff at the end of our busy week to talk about this. We revisited how our curriculum and plans fit into how we met the needs of our students and parents. We reviewed — a very positive — end of year survey and talked about the intentionality of our year. It was one to be proud of!  In November, I attended the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) Conference in Dallas and brought back so much to share with the staff. This helped to inform our school year. We also talked about how we instilled kindness and being loving into the thoughts of our students. This past January, our school hosted an incredibly successful and well-received day of professional development for like-minded preschools. My staff and I discussed the success of our year and how we made sure to connect the work that we did thoughtfully and directly to our curriculum.

For example, this year in our Afternoon Class we introduced “Create and Tell” an in-class Show and Tell experience for our students. Our Afternoon Class students had the opportunity to each plan, create and express themselves through construction, storytelling, writing, music, art or other means. This specifically addressed the more complex developmental needs of the students in our Afternoon Class. The Create and Tell sharing was as varied as complex block constructions to composing and playing their own music on a xylophone.

Create and Tell

Our school year was a wonderful year filled with purpose and exploration and learning and friendship. Even though many of our students are attending Mary Meyer Summer Camp, we are already laying the foundation and planning our curriculum for our next year of learning and growth. I’m excited for what the future holds for our next school year.

Come back and visit our blog to see what’s next!

Kevin O’Brien
Mary Meyer School