Our Values

Mary Meyer School’s vision is to be a preschool community that inspires children to encounter the world with joy, curiosity and confidence. Our mission is to educate children through purposeful play. Our school shares a set of values that are key to our philosophical beliefs. These core values represent our students, our teachers, our parents, our alumni and our past, present and future. This is what Mary Meyer School is all about…



We share a devotion to the joys of childhood. We create a warm, welcoming environment that feels like home. We believe preschool is a place where children should be children, guided and supported by loving, nurturing teachers who want to see them succeed.



We put friendship at the center of everything we do. Learning how to be a friend gives children life skills and a strong foundation for the world outside of home. We create an environment where children can feel safe in their journey to discovering who they are and their connection to others. We are kind, compassionate and comforting. We respect each other, our school and our world.



Teachers and parents partner together to help our children thrive. Through sharing in the life of the school, parents learn as much about being parents as children learn about stepping out into the world. We stay connected and maintain lifelong friendships beyond our years within the schoolhouse.



We celebrate individuality and diversity. We value each family, each student and each of their unique contributions to our classroom.



We embrace curiosity, encourage inventiveness, support risk-taking and learn from our mistakes. We find and hold onto the most loving, creative, inspirational teachers who are committed to the growth of every child. We teach math, science, literacy, language arts, history, biology, geology and meteorology through a curriculum of baking cupcakes, growing vegetables, hosting a farmer’s market, making our own play-dough, giving a weather report, discussing a book and going on an Earth Day parade. We believe in creative expression and that fine art, music, dance, theater and yoga should be part of early education.



We honor our past and know that it informs our future. We commit to ensuring a bright future for Mary Meyer School for generations to come.