Our Legacy

For over 70 years, Mary Meyer has been educating children through purposeful play.  In 1943 Mary Meyer School was founded as Pine Grove Preschool by a group of parents who were passionate about finding a higher quality preschool for their children.

Under the guidance of Mary Meyer, an extraordinary teacher who directed the school until her retirement, the school became well known for offering a nurturing environment that inspires children to encounter the world with joy, curiosity and confidence.

Consistently driven by a forward-thinking community, we believe in taking care of the school for future generations. In 1966 a group of parents purchased the row house that still serves as our charming school house today. That same group of parents provided a no-interest loan to the school — that has since been paid off — to minimize the financial burden of that purchase. Years later, another forward-thinking group of parents raised an extraordinary amount of capital to completely renovate the back half of the schoolhouse. We continue to invest in our school, our teachers and our staff to ensure a meaningful Mary Meyer School experience for generations to come.

Each year we welcome alumni students back to the school as parents. We look forward to the day their children’s children enter our doors.

As our families step beyond their years in the schoolhouse, they carry a piece of Mary Meyer with them. We hope they find inspiration from it every single day.