Our Families

Mary Meyer families actively participate in the life of the school. Families are welcome to get as involved as their life permits. Parents are invited and welcome to be a part of the classroom experience.

There are a formal committee opportunities such as Cooking Club (helping the children cook a delicious snack like mini pizzas) or Special Events (helping the children celebrate Halloween). Parents can also be more spontaneous, and can stop in to read a book, stay for classroom meeting, help to plant some flowers, or spend an hour sharing a special family tradition with the children. Parents are also invited to come celebrate their child’s birthday with the class.

Parent/Child events:

The Favorite Food Dinner: imagine a smorgasbord of every child’s favorite meal

The Art Opening: a gallery of gorgeous pieces created by the children with all proceeds going to the Mary Meyer School Scholarship Fund

The Mary Meyer Farmer’s Market is where the children grow, harvest and sell their own vegetables to the parents – with proceeds being donated to a local food pantry.

Parent-only events:

The parent potluck in the beginning of the year, a “Learn by Doing” event where we get to spend “a day in the life” at the school house, parent nights out, and the annual benefit – a fun party where our community comes together to celebrate and support the school.

Parents have always been an integral part of the school. In fact, Mary Meyer School was founded by a group of parents who were passionate about finding a higher quality preschool for their children. In 1966 a group of parents purchased the row-house that has served as our schoolhouse since it was founded in 1943. That same parent community provided a no-interest loan to the school — that has since been paid off. More recently, another group of parents raised an extraordinary amount of capital to completely update and renovate the back half of the house. Mary Meyer is a non-for-profit corporation whose members are the current parents. That corporation is administered by a board of directors comprised of parents – old and new, current and alumni. This parent board oversees the financials and operations of the school – and collaborates closely with the executive director to ensure a high quality, meaningful experience for children. Mary Meyer’s Executive Director is a former parent.

On a daily basis, parents are free to spend time in the classroom during drop off and to await their children together at pick up. Parents get to know the teachers and lean on them for support when they are going through separation themselves or are learning how to parent preschoolers — for the first or fifth time. Our parents have play dates, coffee dates and dinner dates…sometimes without their children. They contribute their talents to helping the school thrive. While their children are learning how to be a friend, parents are creating lifelong friendships. All members of Mary Meyer School, both parents and children, become an intimate community that values the same things, looks out for each other, and works together to keep Mary Meyer the special place that it has been for more than 70 years!