Our Residencies

As an extension of our curriculum, we host residencies at the schoolhouse during various times throughout our school year. This allows us to increase our student’s opportunities for learning — establishing a more effective integration into our curriculum.

Studio Artist


Throughout the school year, Melanie Liss, an amazing artist and former Mary Meyer School parent, is our Studio Artist. In cooperation with our curriculum and in collaboration with our teachers, Melanie works with students in both small and large groups on a variety of creative projects.

Lookingglass Residency

Beginning each winter and lasting through spring, our teacher from Lookingglass Theatre works with small groups of children each week to perform dramatic recreations of stories that they read together. Skills like creative thinking, gross motor, cooperation, language and vocabulary, story comprehension and sequence and confidence are further developed during this time.

Farmer Residency


Each Spring, our Farmer in Residence comes to the schoolhouse to work with our students plant and grow vegetables. At the end of May we host a farmer’s market, donating proceeds to a local food pantry.

Music Residency

Each Fall, Susan Salidor, a talented songwriter, singer and performing artist, will work weekly with our students on musical concepts, introduce new songs, instruments and movement activities.