Cornerstone Events

At Mary Meyer School we recognize there is more to school than a child’s experience. Part of what enriches our school life is the opportunities students and their parents have to engage with one another outside the classroom and with the surrounding community. Our Cornerstone Events help to nurture our community and bring everyone closer together.

Incoming Class Picnic

For decades families have gathered at a nearby playlot for a picnic dinner to celebrate the start of the school year!

Favorite Food Dinner

The Favorite Food Dinner is an opportunity for the entire Mary Meyer community to come together and share our favorite foods. Similar to a potluck, children choose their favorite food and bring it to school to share with his/her friends. Parents and children in both programs are invited.

Parent Potluck

Held early each fall, the parent potluck is an opportunity for parents to become acquainted with other parents in their child’s class. The dinner is held in a family’s home, on a date determined by the host family.

Cooking Club


Cooking club gives a pair of parents the opportunity to cook with small groups of students several times during the school year. The parents and children meet at the beginning of the week to choose their menu and on Friday collaborate and cook to prepare snack for the whole class.

Learn By Doing

In one of our oldest traditions, parents gather at the school to “Learn by Doing.” During this event parents participate in “grown-up” versions of routine classroom activities, such creating self-portraits and cooking a fun snack in the spirit of Cooking Club. This is an adult only event and a fun way to get to know others in our community.

Winter Celebration

Parents and children gather in the schoolhouse for activities, songs and food, in celebration of the winter holidays.

Art Opening

In collaboration with our Studio Artist and to celebrate the creative development of the children, we hold an Art Opening at a fun venue and display special projects created by the children in a style reminiscent of a modern art gallery! All of the proceeds from this event will benefit the Scholarship Fund, which helps families unable to pay the full tuition.

Annual Benefit and Auction

A fun event that brings former, new and current families together, the benefit is a wonderful opportunity for the current parent body to work together for the betterment of the school.

Mary Meyer Farmer’s Market


In collaboration with our Farmer in Residence, each spring we host a farmer’s market, donating proceeds to a local food pantry.

Class Photo Day

Sitting on the front steps of the schoolhouse, the entire class gathers for our class photo.

End of Year School Picnic

Families once again gather at a nearby park for a picnic dinner to celebrate the end of a fun school year.